Kevin Morgan X Rock Morning Wood


As the more volitale half of XRMW, Morgan enjoys skinny-skiing, going to bullfights on acid and The Notebook. 

Jersey Steve X Rock Morning Wood-X Rock Workday

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Jersey Steve is a stand up comedian who hasn’t had a gig in quite awhile. At least he’s got some material for the show. Also join Jersey for the X Rock Work Release weekdays from Noon to 1pm.

Shane Garry  2-7pm


Shane Garry is the host of the X Rock Drive Home. If your day sucked, there’s no one better to put you in a good mood.

Lou Brutus HardDrive Sunday nights and HardDrive XL Weeknights


Lou Brutus hosts Harddrive XL weeknights from 7pm to 3am and Harddrive Sunday nights from 8-10 pm.

Full Metal Jackie Sunday 10p-Midnight


Full Metal Jackie puts an exclamation point on your weekend with the loudest and nastiest 2 hours of metal.