Kevin Morgan X Rock Morning Wood


As the more volitale half of XRMW, Morgan enjoys skinny-skiing, going to bullfights on acid and The Notebook. 

Fireball X Rock Morning Wood/X Rock Workday

Born and raised in the Black Hills, Zachary “Fireball” Gibson is a local who has always had a voice to be heard. Standing at 6’4, he’s the world’s tallest radio personality (as far as you know) and, yes, he can get that thing down from the top shelf for you. In his spare time, he enjoys drawing pictures of pygmy polar bears and correcting people’s grammar. Often referred to as “Fireball” on air, he obtained his moniker after saving a group of orphaned children from a giant, rolling boulder engulfed in flames during a field trip.

Shane Garry  2-7pm


Shane Garry is the host of the X Rock Drive Home. If your day sucked, there’s no one better to put you in a good mood.

Lou Brutus HardDrive Sunday nights and HardDrive XL Weeknights


Lou Brutus hosts Harddrive XL weeknights from 7pm to 3am and Harddrive Sunday nights from 8-10 pm.

Full Metal Jackie Sunday 10p-Midnight


Full Metal Jackie puts an exclamation point on your weekend with the loudest and nastiest 2 hours of metal.