Candlebox Release ‘Punks’ From Upcoming Farewell Album

Candlebox Release ‘Punks’ From Upcoming Farewell Album


Candlebox recently shared “Punks,” the lead single from their upcoming album The Long Goodbye.

The multi-platinum Seattle rock band’s final studio album is scheduled to be released on August 25 via Round Hill Records. The 10-track set is produced by Don Miggs.

Speaking about “Punks,” Candlebox frontman and songwriter Kevin Martin said it is a cautionary message to young bands that they won’t be the hot new thing forever.

“Candlebox weren’t the punks that paved the road for all these other bands that came along, but the statement is that music has always been there and nobody’s really doing anything differently,” Martin said. “You think that you’re invincible and you try to grab all those things that come along with being in a rock band and touring the world. But inevitably, you’re left with yourself, and if you don’t have something within yourself that can keep you grounded, what are you doing it for?”

Candlebox, consisting of Martin, Adam Kury, Brian Quinn, Island Styles and BJ Kerwin, are currently on their farewell tour, aptly titled, “The Long Goodbye Tour.”

The Long Goodbye Tracklist:

1. Punks2. What Do You Need ft. Mona3. Elegante4. I Should Be Happy5. Nails On A Chalkboard6. Ugly7. Maze8. Cellphone Jesus9. Foxy10. Hourglass

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