EEO Report


2023 EEO Public File Report


Employment Unit Covered

KOTA-AM,              Rapid City, South Dakota

KQRQ-FM,               Rapid City, South Dakota

KZZI-FM,                 Rapid City, South Dakota / Belle Fourche, South Dakota

KDDX-FM,               Rapid City, South Dakota / Spearfish, South Dakota

KZLK-FM,                Rapid City, South Dakota

KDSJ-AM,                Deadwood, South Dakota

Reporting Period

December 1, 2022 – November 30, 2023

Full – Time Vacancies Filled During Reporting Period

1           Job Title:    Director of Digital Campaigns                                 Date Filed: Dec 15, 2022          SJ                                                                                             Date Filled: Jan 6, 2023

Recruitment Source:    Employee Referral          518 St. Joseph St.          Rapid City, SD

2          Job Title:    Sales Representative                                               Date Filed: Jan 16, 2023

TH                                                                                           Date Filled: Feb 17, 2023

Recruitment Source:    Employee Referral          518 St. Joseph St.          Rapid City, SD

3          Job Title:    News Director                                                        Date Filed Aug 10, 2023

DF                                                                                           Date Filled: Oct 6, 2023

Recruitment Source:     Personal Reference       1116 Jackson Blvd.       Rapid City, SD









Recruitment / Referral Sources Used To Seek Candidates


Source                           Address                         City                                Zip

All Access                        Malibu, CA

Riverfront Stations        518 St. Joseph St.          Rapid City, SD               57701

Employee Referral        518 St. Joseph St.           Rapid City, SD               57701

SD Broadcasters Asso. Box 1037                      Pierre, SD                      57501

Job               1019 Broadway             Yankton, SD                  57078

Handshake                   Black Hills St Univ.      Spearfish, SD               57783

Personal Reference       518 St. Joseph St.          Rapid City, SD             57701

Station Websites           1116 Jackson Blvd       Rapid City, SD             57702

Total Number of Interviewees For Open Positions During the Reporting Period Per Recruitment/Referral Sources 


Referral                                                                                                         Number of Interviewees

Source                          Contact            Address                         Phone                   Referred__________    



SD Broadcasters           Marla W           Box 1037                             (605)

Pierre, SD 57501                224-1034                              0

Station Websites            Jim K                 Rapid City, SD  57701       342 – 2000                           1

Personal Reference       Jim K                 518 St. Joseph St.                (605)

Rapid City, SD  57701      342 – 2000                            2

Employee Referral        Jim K                 518 St. Joseph St.               (605)

Rapid City, SD  57701       342 – 2000                            2

Job               Austin K.            1019 Broadway Ave         (605)

Yankton, SD   57078         665-7892                              0

Riverfront Stations        Jim K                 518 St. Joseph St.               (605)

Rapid City, SD  57701      342 – 2000                            1               Jim K                                                                                       1

Handshake                   Jim K               BHSU                                                              0

All Access            Malibu, CA                                                      0

Total:                                                                                                7





Outreach Activities Performed During the Reporting Period         


Initiative__________   Scope of Participation and Location__________Station Staff Involved______


On-Air Outreach          Monthly- Stations air announcements stating                              Jim K.

EEO status and soliciting assistance from

Organizations who may help provide qualified

applicants for current or future openings.

JobFair.Works              Monthly-Promoted station openings and openings for                 All

Other Businesses through station operated                                  On-Air

Website JobFair.Works

Junior Achievement      General Manager serves as local board member                         Jim K

Assisting organization in developing skills and

Traits in students for use in future employment


Career Fair                   Feb 28, 2023- Participated in Spearfish High                              Jim K

School Career Fair. Discussed various positions

with students and handed out detailed descriptions

of various positions within the company

Job Fair                        February 16, 2023- Participated in Belle Fourche                                   Jim K

Chamber Job Fair. Discussed various positions

with attendees and handed out detailed descriptions

of various positions within the company

Operation Graduation   May 2023- To help spotlight area High School seniors,               Jim K,

and offer an introduction to broadcast writing, KZZI-FM            Adrian F

and KDSJ-AM conducted Operation Graduation                                     Cody O

inviting students to write a 30 second bio                                   Ryan R

covering their High School career, achievements and                  Jay W.

future plans. The station aired nearly 100 segments

through the month of May and awarded a $500

scholarship at random to one of the participants.

SD Broadcasters           Aug 29-30, 2023- Management attended leadership conference   Jim K.

In Sioux Falls. Participants attended multiple training sessions    Mike F.

and networked with broadcast professionals from across             Jay M.

the state.

FFA Regional               October 20, 2023- Served as a judge for the Ag broadcasting      Mike F.

Competition                 competition of the FFA Regional Competition. Offered

Feedback to contestants in the areas of news writing,

Reporting and broadcasting and commercial copywriting

And delivery.